Like a Weather App for Your Websites

Whether you have one site you want to watch, or twenty, see a quick overview of them all in a big beautiful list, with the last hour of response-time data graphed in the background. It is like looking at the weather, but for your web sites. Sites that are having a problem will automatically sort to the top of the list, so you'll see them immediately. You can see the last response code we got back from the site, as well as the overall time it took, and download speed to our servers.


Multiple Alert Delivery Mechanisms

If our servers detect a problem we'll let you know. Vigil supports several alert delivery mechanisms so you can be sure you know your site is having issues as soon as possible. By default, we'll send a push notification to your phone. We'll also send out email alerts, and Professional and Business plans come with SMS delivery. Vigil also supports several third-party integrations, including Slack, HipChat and Status Board. If there is an integration you would like to see, let us know!


View Your Data Anywhere

Vigil comes with a client you can access from any browser, in addition to the iPhone and Apple Watch. You can view the status of all your sites, along with response-time graphs. Add a new site, or edit any of your current sites and all your changes are reflected in the mobile app. You can also manage your account and subscription payments. The Vigil Web client works in almost all desktop and mobile browsers, so you can use it anywhere.