Vigil Now Available Through Namecheap

We are excited to announce that Vigil is now available through the namecheap marketplace. Whether you have an existing domain with namecheap, or are looking to add a new domain, you can now add Vigil website monitoring as an add-on, and pay for your subscription using your namecheap account.

Vigil is available in 3 different plans: Basic, Professional and Business.

Our Basic plan is available for $0.99 per month, and includes monitoring every 5 minutes, a day of historical data, email and push notifications. You also get our weekly reports on how your site performed.

Upgrading to the Professional plan increases the monitoring frequency to 2 minutes, and a week of historical data. You also get simple content checks for your site, as well as custom status code checking. The Professional subscription is available for $2.99 per month.

Our top-tier plan is the Business plan. It increases monitoring frequency to every minute, and a month of historical data. In addition to simple content checking and status codes, the Business plan adds regular expression matching, and we will check your site for any broken links. You also receive additional alert delivery mechanisms, including SMSSlack and Hipchat integration. Our namecheap Business subscription is available for $4.99 per month.

We've released a new iOS client (Version 2.0.8) that adds support for namecheap single-sign-on so you don't have to maintain a separate account. Vigil 2.0.8 is available in the App Store, and you can also sign into our web client as well. Sign up today!